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Spotlight on Janet Anderson

Sep. × ’12

Just as we all have our strengths, so too, do we have our weaknesses. It’s simply a fact of life. It is also, unfortunately, a fact of interviewing, which seems to add yet another layer of terror to the already-intimidating experience of meeting with a potential employer.  So, how do we address our weaknesses? And […]

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Spotlight On Annabeth Propst

Mar. × ’12

There are many different obstacles that job seekers have to face when trying to obtain a new position. Some challenges are more common than others such as a weak resume or lack of networking contacts. Other road blocks are more unique to a candidate’s background or situation. Annabeth was struggling with her own specific challenge […]

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Spotlight On Robert Simoneau

Sep. × ’10

Career site Climber.com’s recruiters have reviewed thousands of resumes. One thing sticks out; most resumes fail to effectively communicate a job seekers skills and background. “The ultimate goal of a resume is to positively position a candidate’s skills and background so they are included in the ‘yes’ pile,” stated Nick Jimenez, Executive Vice President at […]

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