Spotlight On Tony Minich

27thApr. × ’11

Tony Minich is an experienced IT Specialist who had been job searching since his last position had ended in July of 2010. After months on not seeing results, Tony spoke with a Career Counselor at Climber and signed up for the month to month service to increase his exposure in the job market. While Tony had been job search, he had also been submitting his resume for analysis to different academic outlets he’d worked with in the past to get some feedback. “I’d run my resume past many schools where I had contacts,” stated Minich, “and I knew it needed to be revised by a professional.”

Once Tony had gotten signed on to Climber Premier, he submitted his resume for analysis through Climber’s complimentary review service. After receiving the feedback from the resume analyst, Tony decided to purchase a professional re-design and build from Climber. “My finger had been on the trigger for awhile in regards to purchasing a resume,” said Minich, “since I was already getting support from Climber I decided to just go for it.” Tony was set-up with his Project Manager, Nick Jimenez, who was his guide throughout the resume process and liaison to the professional writer. Within two weeks, Tony had received his new resume and was ready to start using it to obtain new employment.

“It was a fine process getting my new resume and it went really well!” said Minich. Within a month of receiving his new resume, Tony was offered a position in his field of Systems Administration for Deployment Tech in his area. Not only did Tony secure employment but he also interviewed for his dream job as well in Base Operations that he is waiting to hear back from. “Though I am gainfully employed and satisfied, it’s nice to know I have options down the road and that the new resume is working.”

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