Spotlight On Terrie Hill

24thMar. × ’10

If you’ve ever witnessed or maybe even participated in a race you know that everyone always starts at the same place. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people are all clumped into one area and are waiting for the starting gun to go off so they can begin. As the race progresses, participants begin to stagger and spread out until there are the front runners and eventually the winner. For most events it is a race against time and the people who are faster than others will usually have a better shot at coming in first.

I find this image to be very similar to the way many people look for new positions. Everyone starts in the same place, unemployed or looking for a new job, and they are waiting for the new or right positions to be posted every day. They will wake early, check positions often and when a new one is posted, get their resume in as fast as possible in the hopes of being seen first or prior to the posting being taken down. Then more applicants will eventually filter out until one person is offered the job. Unfortunately for those who aren’t as quick to submit a resume or don’t have as much time to search, they are more likely to miss out on opportunities to even be considered for a position.

Terrie Hill was almost one of those job seekers who were left behind. Unemployed since July 2009, Terrie decided to give Climber Premier a try and signed up on February 12. After setting up her profile, she decided to be proactive and began searching through the positions posted in her account.  She came across a posting for a Medical Records Associate with Pharmerica and with her background being in Healthcare, she immediately applied for it. Unbeknownst to her at the time, Pharmerica only posted the position for less than 48 hours. “I wouldn’t have known about it, unless it had been for you [Climber],” states Terrie. “It was also in the Courier-Journal on Sunday February 14th, but the deadline was Monday. I was able to get my resume in on Saturday February 13th through you, and got a call Monday morning for an interview on Wednesday.”

Having been able to receive the job notification prior to the deadline through Climber, allowed Terrie enough time to submit a quality resume and even get a call for an interview before the submittal cut-off. Not only did she obtain an interview in a short amount of time on Climber Premier but she landed the job as well! Terrie expressed to us in an e-mail that, “I know having my resume with you helped me get my resume to PharMerica in the allotted time they had for the position. My start date was March 15th and the pay and position were what I was looking for, so thank you!”

By being on Climber Premier, Terrie was able to gain an edge on the millions of job seekers and apply to a posting that was made available to her before it was made available to the public. Prior to joining she had been another statistic having been unemployed for 8 months, right around the national average, and after being on Climber Premier for less than a week she received an interview that lead to employment.  Just like participants in the race she was able to get off to a good start with Climber, break away from the pack and in her case won the race.

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