Spotlight On Ronald Langston

20thJul. × ’11

After a year and a half of trying to secure a new position while attempting to maintain a struggling business, Ronald Langston knew it was time to get some help. “I would send out 50-55 resumes when I was actively searching and get no response,” stated Langston. “It was really frustrating because you would think job searching was about people, yet a person never responded to me when I would inquire about positions.” Since Climber is about connecting candidates with real people who are looking to hire for senior level positions, Langston decided it would be a good fit for his job search as well as redesigning and building his resume.

The personal aspect of Climber continued when Ronald was set up with his Project Manager, Nick Jimenez, to work on his resume. “Nick was very patient with me and understood my frustrations with the job search process thus far,” explained Langston. “The great thing about Nick was he wanted me to be happy with the final product which made me not mind doing the work.” The efforts of Climber and Ronald paid off because within two weeks, the final resume was complete and Ronald is eager to start using it to get back to work. “The writer did a great job!” exclaimed Langston. “This process forced me to see the bigger picture of my experience which is now featured on my new resume. I have absolutely no complaints!”

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