Spotlight On Pat Gowins

13thMay. × ’11

Pat Gowins is a senior level Sales Manager who had been job searching for a new position since the beginning of January. After four months without success, Pat turned to to assist him with his job search efforts. Once he was signed up as a Climber VIP, one of Climber’s Project Managers, Nick Jimenez, reached out to him to discuss the resume he had submitted for a free analysis. “Nick gave me a lot of great critiques and feedback, which I needed,” shared Gowins. “He really got me excited for the opportunities a new resume could bring me.”

After his discussion with Nick, Pat decided to move forward with allowing Climber to re-write and re-design his current resume. Nick worked with Pat as his personal Project Manager as well as his liaison to the professional writer who would draft the resume. “Working with Nick was great! He was very good and very responsive to my needs and concerns,” said Gowin. Since Pat was extremely proactive with wanting to complete the resume, he was able to get a final draft signed off on within a week of starting the process. However, a new resume wasn’t all Pat was going to receive that day.

The same day that Pat got his finalized resume, he got a call from a recruiter who informed him that there was a company he might be a fit for and he needed Pat’s resume. Pat provided the recruiter with the new Climber resume and within 2 hours, he got a call back from the company who said they were very impressed with his resume and wanted to bring him in for an interview. “The position was for a Senior Sales Manager and the pay is definitely attractive,” said Gowins. “I’m going in for the interview on Monday afternoon and am very optimistic about the opportunity. The entire Climber resume process was great and I can’t think of a thing that could be improved!”

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