Spotlight On Kirsten Elkins

25thAug. × ’10

The day you wake up and realize that the weeks of unemployment have now turned into months, it might be time to check the job search tools you’ve been using. How you are expressing your skills and background to employers (aka your resume), can be the determining factor of whether your job search lasts six weeks or six months! Climber’s latest success story proves how accepting a little tweaking and guidance can significantly cut down on your hire time.

When Premier Member, Kirsten Elkins,  was notified about Climber’s new resume revision service, she decided it was something she should look into.“I chose Climber because of the experience and the recruiters you have on staff,” stated Kirsten. “I didn’t want to trust my resume writing to someone who doesn’t have the background and knowledge to create a resume that people look for.” Allowing someone else to express her experience and skills for her was a decision that she did not make hastily. “I researched three other companies as well before determining Climber was my best option,” said Elkins. Once she had made the decision to allow Climber to re-write her resume, Kirsten was paired up with her personal recruiter, Nick Jimenez, who worked with her throughout the entire process. “Nick was great at keeping communication open and being a cheerleader during my move,” stated Kirsten who was moving across the country while looking for a job and revising her resume.

Nick and Kirsten worked together for about three weeks on her new resume and revised it twice, before they came up with the final product they were both satisfied with. Never having a professional resume written for her, Kirsten was extremely impressed with the questionnaire she took, in order to provide her recruiter with detailed information to properly display her skills and experience. “I think the questionnaire was a great asset to your program because it made me really think about the goals I reached in previous jobs and do my research on my current job to determine what I’ve already accomplished. I never realized how much of an asset I was until I started looking at my accomplishments.”

Three seemed to be the charmed number for Kirsten because three weeks after receiving her new resume, she was called in for an interview at Mountain Benefits Associates for the Accounting Specialist position. The very next day she received a job offer and began her new position on August 23. “I was hoping for a Senior Accountant position that would allow me to grow into a CFO, so this is actually exactly what I was looking for. It’s definitely an exciting time knowing that I’m starting out during the growth phase of a company and have the opportunity to evolve into the CFO one day in the future!”

Though Kirsten had the experience to obtain the position she wanted, it was not coming across on her current resume to get the employer’s attention. By allowing Climber to revise her resume, Kirsten not only was able to land her ideal job, but now has a resume that she can be confident will be effective in the future. “I would (and have already) recommended your services to others. Thanks again for everything!”

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