Spotlight On Ken Vallet-Sandre

3rdMay. × ’11

Though Ken Vallet-Sandre is gainfully employed, his job search stemmed from looking for a more challenging position where he could continue to move forward in his career. “I would constantly inquire to my superiors how I could become more of an asset to the company,” stated Vallet-Sandre. “They would always tell me to just keep doing the same thing and I was doing great. It just wasn’t enough for me and I decided I needed to start looking to move on.” After looking for over a month, Ken realized that due to his demanding travel schedule, he would not be able to be as aggressive as he wanted to with his job search. “I don’t have the time to be searching job boards for 2-3 hours a day,” he expressed, “I needed a more passive and targeted way to get my information in front of the right companies I wanted to work for.”

Ken decided he would start with a professional revision of his resume and took to Google to assist him in his search. “I found Climber on the search engine and discovered they had a professional resume service to offer,” said Vallet-Sandre. “When I called to get some more information, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of personalized service that was involved with re-writing my resume and cover letter.” The personalization was what really attracted Ken to Climber’s service and his decision to move forward. Once he was set up with his Project Manager, Ken was once again surprised by Climber. “My Project Manager, Nick, was great at being very straightforward with me. He wouldn’t sugar coat anything with me or on my resume. He understood my needs very easily and we only needed one editing session with the resume to complete it. The entire resume process was great!”

2 weeks after starting the process, Ken received his new resume and began working with the Climber Premier service which was included with his resume and cover letter. Since Ken had expressed he was looking for a more passive approach to his job search, he found Premier to be another great fit! “I really like that Climber is only sending my new resume to the right companies that are a fit for me,” said Vallet-Sandre. “Since I don’t have a lot of time to take off for interviews, I can’t waste my time or the companies figuring out if we are a match. With Climber Premier, I don’t have to worry about the wrong companies contacting me or having my new resume blasted out to everyone and anyone. The system is perfect for me!”

Now that Ken is set up on Premier and getting familiar with the system, he is already seeing great results with the new resume. “There are definitely companies that I want to pursue that have been expressing interest in me since I posted my new resume. It means a lot to me that I found a company that not only provides personalized service, but also makes sure that the needs of my personal job search are being met. I can say that I’m completely satisfied!”

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