Spotlight On Julie Zweber

24thAug. × ’11

When beginning the search for a new position, most job seekers tend to attempt the search on their own before seeking professional support. However, Julie Zweber decided to get a team behind her job search before she even got started. “I consulted Climber before actually looking for a job,” stated Julie. She didn’t just sign up for Climber’s Premier service, but also enlisted the help of their resume team to re-design and build her professional documents. Zweber described Climber’s resume service as, “quick and easy,” allowing her to gain an efficient start to her job search. As Julie began to use her new resume and cover letter on Climber, she began to feel more self assured in her chances when the positive responses began to come in. “Not only did it present a more professional impression, it made me feel more confident, which I’m sure translated into a better interview,” said Julie.

After just a few weeks of looking for a new position and interviewing, Julie got a response from a position she had applied to through Climber that ended her job search for good. She had only been networking and applying for 5 weeks when she was offered a senior level position in her field of insurance sales. Not only has Julie informed Climber that she is thrilled with the new position and salary, but feels her resume “absolutely” contributed to helping her secure a new position.

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