Spotlight on Judy McLaren

26thSep. × ’13

Whether it’s the innate sense that humility is a virtue or all the pieces of humble pie we were served as children, most of us think twice before “tooting our own horns.”  In today’s competitive job market, however – and especially on our resumes – a certain amount of fanfare is not only appropriate; it’s essential!

Showing off her many amazing accomplishments as a compassionate, experienced nurse was something Judy McLaren found particularly difficult.  After sending out 396 applications for employment with too few responses, she was feeling understandably disheartened – but not defeated!  Living by the adage, “You can’t keep a stubborn Irishman down,” Judy realized drastic changes needed to be made, so she submitted her resume for a free critique from and ultimately hired the Resume Team to re-write it with her.  The experience was truly inspiring, for both Judy and those of us at Climber who had the pleasure of speaking with her (and subsequently found it very easy to boast on her behalf).

“I’m not one to blow my own horn, but my project manager was able to drag it out of me…I can’t say enough about her.”  Judy pointed out the greatest, most helpful difference in the new resume was that it seamlessly brought in her achievements and work history from her earlier years, working in a hospital setting.

The moment she began sending out her new, revised resume, the calls came pouring in and she was given the consideration she deserved all along.  In no time, Judy landed the career opportunity of her dreams.

Judy might not ever brag about all the wonderful work she’s already doing for her new company…but we sure will!  From all of us at Climber, congratulations Judy!

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