Spotlight On Jim Kelly

20thAug. × ’10

One of the best suggestions our Climber staff can offer to job seekers is to    always  be proactive in their search! Not only should candidates be    applying to  positions, but also following up with companies, trying to  obtain new industry  contacts and finding effective ways to make  themselves stand out from the other  15 million job seekers. Even though  Climber’s platform is constantly marketing  its user’s information to hiring  managers in their specific field, members understand that it is still their job search.

After spending eight months job searching on his own, Jim Kelly decided it was time to get some additional help and turned to Climber. He signed up to receive the newsletter with career and search tips, as well as job alerts to positions in his area, and began to follow the advice each email was providing. “You guys have a great marketing campaign!” stated Jim and he immediately began applying to the positions that were sent to him.

However, Jim didn’t just stop at sending in his resume. He took Climber’s words about being proactive and put them into action. He saw, “a suggestion in the email of places hiring near me and contacted them after seeing it.” Once he had gotten in touch with the hiring manager who had posted the ad, Jim was scheduled for an interview. Soon after, he was offered the position of Account Manager at CDW Technical Solutions, which he accepted.

By taking an aggressive approach to his job search, Jim was able to obtain information to help him cut down on his hire time and ultimately land a position in his ideal industry. Jim even continued his proactive and enthusiastic attitude in his new job, by reaching out to Climber to see if we could do business with his company. Congratulations Jim and we will be in touch in regards to your services!

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