Spotlight On Jeff Musgrave

14thOct. × ’10

The beginning of 2010 unfortunately did not signify a fresh start for Jeff Musgrave. Like so many other Americans living through the recession, he found himself out of work in an industry he had over 35 years of experience in. “I’ve been involved in transportation and logistics for my entire career,” explained Musgrave, “and most of it has been up here in Northern California where I live.” After searching on his own for a new position until late May, Jeff turned to Climber to see if he could find new ways to lead him to securing a new position.

Once Jeff was a Climber Premier member, he not only networked with the recruiters who reached out to him, but also proactively began sourcing companies to send his resume to on the Recruiter Directory. “The site was so easy to use and had great resources to help me move forward with my job search,” stated Musgrave. “I used the Recruiter Directory to find warehouse and transportation companies in my area to send my resume to.” One of the companies that he applied to was VWR, that specializes in distribution of products in the science and biotech industry. “Once I submitted my resume for the Material Handler Specialist position, they responded within two weeks and began the interview process.”

After completing the initial interview, Jeff was offered his desired position and his new job is less than a 20 minute commute from his home. Once he goes through training and routine checks, he will begin his new job at the end of the month. Musgrave was able to find work with Climber in less than 4 months, which is half the national average of a jobseeker going it alone in the current economy. “I’m so grateful to Climber for not only getting me back to work, but also for their amazing service throughout the process!” exclaimed Jeff. “Anytime I had a question or needed help you guys were there for me and would help me on the spot when I called in. I would recommend Climber to anyone out there who is looking for work!”

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