Spotlight on Janet Anderson

10thSep. × ’12

Just as we all have our strengths, so too, do we have our weaknesses. It’s simply a fact of life.

It is also, unfortunately, a fact of interviewing, which seems to add yet another layer of terror to the already-intimidating experience of meeting with a potential employer.  So, how do we address our weaknesses? And what about any gaps or holes in our resumes?

More importantly, how do we shift the focus from what we lack to where we shine?

Janet Anderson, a dynamic individual with vast knowledge and experience in the nonprofit sector, faced these questions on a regular basis when applying for positions in the for-profit world. Her unique background was actually working against her in many cases, as her skillset wasn’t perfectly in line with the requisites of the positions for which she was applying.

After some time in the job market, Janet began working with Climber for a resume rewrite as well as interview coaching. After a rocky start with the resume, she had lost a bit of faith in the process but graciously gave us the chance to improve her impression of the company. Now, with the resume complete, Janet has noticed an increase in the number of responses to her applications, but she believes the interview coaching sessions with Nick Jimenez have proven to be the most helpful service.

Through his coaching, Nick was honest and direct, aiming to equip her with “practical and usable” tools.

“I felt he was completely on my side,” Janet explained, “and he gave me stuff I could use immediately…how to address not having a specific skill and handle areas of weakness or shortcoming without panicking.”

In a phone interview following the interview prep work, she made sure she used the sheet of tips and tools Nick had given her, and as the interview progressed, the recruiter grew increasingly excited about Janet as a prospective candidate. Janet succeeded in shifting the “focus on what (she) had to offer them and how (her) skills were transferable.”

With the future looking bright, we at Climber are confident that Janet will shine in each and every interview she conducts.

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