Spotlight On Greg Masey

1stSep. × ’10

Have you ever been offered advice for your job search that you dismissed in the moment and later regretted not taking? Whether it was from a friend, colleague or industry expert, most job seekers, at one time or another, have been in the mindset of feeling they are better off doing things their own way. However, a lot of candidates come to a point in their search where they begin seeking out the advice that was previously ignored.

Greg Masey had served in the United States Army for 40 years, specializing in training and logistics, prior to beginning his job search. “I was looking for a new position where I could emphasize my technological background,” said Masey. After spending three months searching on his own, he began to receive job search advice emails from “When I started following the advice in Climber’s emails, I began to see a positive change in the response I was getting,” said Greg before deciding to upgrade his e-mail alerts to a full Climber Premier membership on July 15.

As a Premier member, Greg began networking with recruiters in his field while continuing to regularly read the job search tips he received via email. “One of the emails I received discussed how to create an effective resume. Following the advice in the email, I edited my resume so that I was properly displaying my background and skills.” Soon after he began sending out his newly revised resume, Masey was contacted by Technology Management and was hired for the Project Manager position. “The position is on Fort Dix and allows me to continue my military service through my career.”

After only a month and a half on Climber Premier, Greg was able to secure a position in an economy that usually takes most job seekers 6-8 months to achieve.  By deciding to seek out and listen to the advice of Climber’s industry experts, Masey discovered the benefits of having a friend in the job search instead of trying to go it alone. “The advice and service I received made my job search and Climber experience a good one!”

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