Spotlight on Gary Moseley

10thJan. × ’14

At, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of incredible and hardworking jobseekers. Gary Moseley was one such professional, and we feel the experience he had in working with our resume team is best left in his eloquent words…

“What an eye-opening experience this has been for me!!  During my career updating and maintaining my resume has always been such a chore.  With the industry that I’m in I’ve had to update my resume numerous times so it has become something that I really dread.  I had used another service before I discovered only because I had not heard of yet.  This other service was less expensive and for the most part, they pretty much just copied and pasted my original resume into their frame and reformatted the document with their choice of fonts.  When I posted their version to the internet I was inundated with positions to sell products.

This whole process is new to me in that over the years I have always been able to pick up the phone and call someone and fairly easily find work.  When I first spoke with Toni Keller on the phone she was extremely pleasant, confident, professional and encouraging to me regarding what She and the rest of the Team could, and would, do for me.  In fact, one of the first and biggest differences between the experience and ‘those other guys’ is the ‘personal touch’ and the fact that I had control and would contribute to the final product.  There have been countless phone calls and emails between myself, Toni Keller and numerous others over the last few months to get my resume and cover letter completed to my satisfaction.

I have to laugh, because upon its completion, I had to read it more than once before it dawned on me that I was reading about myself.  My story is now being conveyed more clearly and concisely, while gaining attributes that cause my level of professionalism and talent to ‘jump’ and ‘pop’ off the page.  Early in the process when Toni used those words to describe what both versions of my original resumes were lacking, I didn’t get it.

Now I do.

Thank You!!”

From all of us at, thank you, Gary, for the kind words and for the opportunity to work with you in creating a resume that truly shows off who you are.

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