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8thFeb. × ’12

Resume Client Email To

Gary J. here. Not sure if you remember the name as I wrote to you last May about the resume services and handling received from my Project Manger, Veronica. Anyway, I came back to CLIMBER for another resume re-write as a result of my experience with Veronica.

When I contacted her a month ago, I was happy to hear that she was promoted and at the same time sad that I would not be working with her. Not to fail, she assured me that I would be taken care of in the same way I had been the first time. Unfortunately, she was wrong. She placed me into the hands of Dora who spoiled me even more than Veronica!

Both of these ladies are on point professionals in what they do. Dora listened, laughed, guided and made me comfortable to the point that I’m sad we won’t be talking on a frequent basis. I could go on at length, but the bottom line is that you have done an outstanding job in getting the right people and personalities into your business mix.

Their personalities made and continue to make a difference in my service selection. It is unfair to single one woman over the other, all I can say is that both of these ladies are excellent in what they do and I will be disappointed if Dora is not at the other end of the phone in my next resume “go around”.

Thank you,

Gary J.

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