Spotlight On Dennis Huffman

23rdMar. × ’11

Throughout his job search efforts, Dennis Huffman understood the importance of having a professional resume to be viewed as a competitive candidate. After having his resume professionally redone a few times with little result, Dennis decided to submit his resume to Climber for their free analysis,to give some insight on to what could be improved. Shortly after receiving his results from the resume analyst, Dennis got a phone call from one of Climber’s Senior Recruiters, Nick Jimenez, to discuss his review. “When Nick called we had a very pleasant conversation and he thoroughly explained the resume service process to me,” recalled Huffman. “The thing I appreciated the most was that he wasn’t trying to shove the service down my throat. Even when I told him I needed time to think about it, he didn’t bother me and only followed up on the day that we had scheduled.”

The professional and respectful service provided by Nick, helped Dennis decide to move forward with allowing Climber to re-write his resume. “I felt that the Climber staff were more knowledgeable than the services I’d used in the past,” said Huffman, “they really took the time to understand how to represent me on my resume, instead of just reformatting it and slapping together a new one.”

Time was also of the essence for Dennis to receive his new resume. Shortly after starting to work with Nick, he landed an important interview and needed a new version as soon as possible. “Though we ended up with a final draft of the resume that we spent more time on, Nick was able to get me an improved draft, which was superior to my original resume, to bring with me in time for the interview.” In total, it only took 3 meetings with Nick for Dennis to receive his finalized resume which he was satisfied with.

Now that his resume has been completed, Dennis is now looking forward to taking it out into the job market and seeing some results. “The big plus with the Climber resume service, is the fact that they will continue to work with me while I’m using the finalized resume,” stated Huffman. “Climber has been nothing but a great experience so far!”

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