Spotlight On Daniel Gielda

1stDec. × ’10

In the current economy, the average job seeker is out of work an average of 6-8 months. Now think about if you were out of work twice that amount of time. Then imagine being out of work triple that amount of time and you would find yourself in Daniel Gielda’s situation. Daniel was a Director level in Sales and had been looking for work for 20 months prior to joining After being on Climber Premier for about a month, he was yielding good results but wanted to take his job search a step further. “One of Climber’s Recruiters, Veronica Flores, reached out to me in regards to my resume,” said Gielda, “It seemed like revising it was the next logical step to help me in my search. I almost went with the Sales Ladders for my resume but they just gave me feedback I found I could fix on my own. Climber’s resume service really made me see my qualifications from an outsider’s perspective that I never would have noticed.”

Once Daniel received his new resume, which only took about a week, he began sending it out to Recruiters and applying to positions he was finding through his Climber Premier account. One of the positions he found posted by a Climber Recruiter was for a Global Account Manager with PGI. “When I saw the position, I remembered I knew someone who worked for them. I networked with a contact there and sent them my new Climber resume directly,” recalls Gielda. After the HR contact at PGI saw Daniel’s resume, they had him do a phone interview followed by two face-to-face meetings. Daniel was only on Climber Premier for two months, versus the 20 months he spent searching on his own, before he secured the position with PGI. “I’m sure that the new revisions and formating of my resume were instrumental in getting the job,” shared Daniel. “Not only was the final product great, but the I enjoyed the process as well. Veronica was very constructive with her feedback and very supportive throughout my search. Thanks again for all your help!”

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