Spotlight On Becky Arnold

22ndJun. × ’10

During such a competitive time in the job market, we can’t stress enough the importance of finding a way to gain an edge on the 15 million Americans still looking for employment. Networking and creating a direct line of contact with employers is one of the best ways to do that in our current economy. Becky Arnold decided to go beyond just applying for a position and started talking to her contacts to see what else she could do to stand out. A friend of Becky’s who had been doing some networking of her own found out about and told her she should take a look.

After visiting the site and speaking with Climber’s Career Counselors, Becky signed up for the Premier service on April 5, 2010. While setting up her account, Arnold worked with the Client Services team as well as her Career Counselor, to make sure she was getting the best use out of her efforts. “The best thing about Climber is the team work,” Arnold stated, “everyone was very helpful and supportive.” Becky was proactive with contacting Recruiters as well as applying for positions she found relevant. Soon the Recruiters began responding and corresponding with her about open positions. About a week into her second month of Climber Premier, she was contacted by a Recruiter from HealthSouth Lakeshore Rehab Hospital. Having indicated on her profile that she was looking for a Director level position within Healthcare, Becky and the Recruiter began discussing open opportunities at the hospital. Once the discussion and the interview process had been completed Becky received an offer for a position and will begin work on June 28, 2010.

Prior to joining Climber, Becky had been job searching unsuccessfully for about four months. After just two months on Climber Premier, she had secured a new position and literally cut her job search time in half then when she was going it alone! By taking her job search a step further by networking with her contacts and with the Recruiters on Climber, she was able to stand out from the millions of other job seekers and get back to work. Becky expressed her gratitude to our team by saying, “As an experienced professional, TEAM WORK, is the foundation for any successful company.  Thank you to all who made my experience pleasant and a success.”

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