Spotlight On Annabeth Propst

2ndMar. × ’12

There are many different obstacles that job seekers have to face when trying to obtain a new position. Some challenges are more common than others such as a weak resume or lack of networking contacts. Other road blocks are more unique to a candidate’s background or situation. Annabeth was struggling with her own specific challenge of how to overcome a 10 year gap in her work history for the position she was targeting. “I was having a difficult time figuring out how to close the gap from the last time I worked within the Engineering industry,” stated Propst, “it just wasn’t coming across properly on the resume.”

Throughout her three month search, Annabeth had been contacted by numerous companies encouraging her to have her resume done professionally. “The problem I had with everyone who wanted to write my resume was that I would get an email every week about a new resume special. I felt like I was just one of a million people who were getting the same message and they were just trying to make a sale,” said Annabeth. Then in December a Climber representative contacted Annabeth personally to discuss her resume needs. “The thing I really liked about Climber and made me decide to go with them over everyone else, is the fact that they called! The timing definitely played a part but the phone call made me think,’These guys are different.'”

Over the next few weeks, Annabeth worked with her Project Manager and former Recruiter, Dora Brazell, who mentored her throughout the process of completing her resume. “It was really nice working with Dora and though the process was definitely in-depth, I feel it was a good investment,” shared Propst, “It also helped me to finally overcome the 10 year gap on my resume!”

Once the resume was completed, the response was immediate. Within the first month after receiving the new resume and cover letter, Annabeth was offered the position she had been looking for while in the midst of fielding more interviews. “The resume definitely helped me to get the position I wanted. I knew if I could get the interview then I could get the job.” She landed her ideal position as a Quality Engineer at a firm she feels she can help make an impact with and contribute to long term. “I have already begun recommending Climber’s professional resume service to others who I know are looking for work,” said Annabeth,”and if I ever find myself unemployed I will definitely consider having Climber help me again!”

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