Spotlight On Robert Simoneau

Sep. × ’10

Robert Simoneau - Successful Career ClimberCareer site’s recruiters have reviewed thousands of resumes. One thing sticks out; most resumes fail to effectively communicate a job seekers skills and background. “The ultimate goal of a resume is to positively position a candidate’s skills and background so they are included in the ‘yes’ pile,” stated Nick Jimenez, Executive Vice President at “The truth is most people’s resumes do not do a good job communicating to the recruiter.”

This is precisely why offers its members a complementary Resume Analysis. New member Robert Simoneau uploaded his resume for review and upon reading the personalized analysis agreed that his resume needed some help. He then worked with a professional writer and industry specific recruiter who collaborated on creating a new resume which effectively communicated his talents and work experience.

“I am extremely pleased with how easy the process was and that my recruiter was very active in communicating with me to achieve the results I wanted. The new resume is definitely better than my old one!” Mr. Simoneau, stated. He added that he has received, “at least 20 contacts,” since uploading his new resume to not only Climber, but multiple career sites where his old version resided.

“This high touch service is changing people’s lives,” says Mike O’Brien CEO of “We are the only major career site which offers job seekers the ability to speak with career experts to help them with their resume and in their broader career search.”

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Spotlight On Greg Masey

Sep. × ’10

Have you ever been offered advice for your job search that you dismissed in the moment and later regretted not taking? Whether it was from a friend, colleague or industry expert, most job seekers, at one time or another, have been in the mindset of feeling they are better off doing things their own way. However, a lot of candidates come to a point in their search where they begin seeking out the advice that was previously ignored.

Greg Masey had served in the United States Army for 40 years, specializing in training and logistics, prior to beginning his job search. “I was looking for a new position where I could emphasize my technological background,” said Masey. After spending three months searching on his own, he began to receive job search advice emails from “When I started following the advice in Climber’s emails, I began to see a positive change in the response I was getting,” said Greg before deciding to upgrade his e-mail alerts to a full Climber Premier membership on July 15.

As a Premier member, Greg began networking with recruiters in his field while continuing to regularly read the job search tips he received via email. “One of the emails I received discussed how to create an effective resume. Following the advice in the email, I edited my resume so that I was properly displaying my background and skills.” Soon after he began sending out his newly revised resume, Masey was contacted by Technology Management and was hired for the Project Manager position. “The position is on Fort Dix and allows me to continue my military service through my career.”

After only a month and a half on Climber Premier, Greg was able to secure a position in an economy that usually takes most job seekers 6-8 months to achieve.  By deciding to seek out and listen to the advice of Climber’s industry experts, Masey discovered the benefits of having a friend in the job search instead of trying to go it alone. “The advice and service I received made my job search and Climber experience a good one!”

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Spotlight On Kirsten Elkins

Aug. × ’10

The day you wake up and realize that the weeks of unemployment have now turned into months, it might be time to check the job search tools you’ve been using. How you are expressing your skills and background to employers (aka your resume), can be the determining factor of whether your job search lasts six weeks or six months! Climber’s latest success story proves how accepting a little tweaking and guidance can significantly cut down on your hire time.

When Premier Member, Kirsten Elkins,  was notified about Climber’s new resume revision service, she decided it was something she should look into.“I chose Climber because of the experience and the recruiters you have on staff,” stated Kirsten. “I didn’t want to trust my resume writing to someone who doesn’t have the background and knowledge to create a resume that people look for.” Allowing someone else to express her experience and skills for her was a decision that she did not make hastily. “I researched three other companies as well before determining Climber was my best option,” said Elkins. Once she had made the decision to allow Climber to re-write her resume, Kirsten was paired up with her personal recruiter, Nick Jimenez, who worked with her throughout the entire process. “Nick was great at keeping communication open and being a cheerleader during my move,” stated Kirsten who was moving across the country while looking for a job and revising her resume.

Nick and Kirsten worked together for about three weeks on her new resume and revised it twice, before they came up with the final product they were both satisfied with. Never having a professional resume written for her, Kirsten was extremely impressed with the questionnaire she took, in order to provide her recruiter with detailed information to properly display her skills and experience. “I think the questionnaire was a great asset to your program because it made me really think about the goals I reached in previous jobs and do my research on my current job to determine what I’ve already accomplished. I never realized how much of an asset I was until I started looking at my accomplishments.”

Three seemed to be the charmed number for Kirsten because three weeks after receiving her new resume, she was called in for an interview at Mountain Benefits Associates for the Accounting Specialist position. The very next day she received a job offer and began her new position on August 23. “I was hoping for a Senior Accountant position that would allow me to grow into a CFO, so this is actually exactly what I was looking for. It’s definitely an exciting time knowing that I’m starting out during the growth phase of a company and have the opportunity to evolve into the CFO one day in the future!”

Though Kirsten had the experience to obtain the position she wanted, it was not coming across on her current resume to get the employer’s attention. By allowing Climber to revise her resume, Kirsten not only was able to land her ideal job, but now has a resume that she can be confident will be effective in the future. “I would (and have already) recommended your services to others. Thanks again for everything!”

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Spotlight On Jim Kelly

Aug. × ’10

One of the best suggestions our Climber staff can offer to job seekers is to    always  be proactive in their search! Not only should candidates be    applying to  positions, but also following up with companies, trying to  obtain new industry  contacts and finding effective ways to make  themselves stand out from the other  15 million job seekers. Even though  Climber’s platform is constantly marketing  its user’s information to hiring  managers in their specific field, members understand that it is still their job search.

After spending eight months job searching on his own, Jim Kelly decided it was time to get some additional help and turned to Climber. He signed up to receive the newsletter with career and search tips, as well as job alerts to positions in his area, and began to follow the advice each email was providing. “You guys have a great marketing campaign!” stated Jim and he immediately began applying to the positions that were sent to him.

However, Jim didn’t just stop at sending in his resume. He took Climber’s words about being proactive and put them into action. He saw, “a suggestion in the email of places hiring near me and contacted them after seeing it.” Once he had gotten in touch with the hiring manager who had posted the ad, Jim was scheduled for an interview. Soon after, he was offered the position of Account Manager at CDW Technical Solutions, which he accepted.

By taking an aggressive approach to his job search, Jim was able to obtain information to help him cut down on his hire time and ultimately land a position in his ideal industry. Jim even continued his proactive and enthusiastic attitude in his new job, by reaching out to Climber to see if we could do business with his company. Congratulations Jim and we will be in touch in regards to your services!

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Spotlight On Becky Arnold

Jun. × ’10

During such a competitive time in the job market, we can’t stress enough the importance of finding a way to gain an edge on the 15 million Americans still looking for employment. Networking and creating a direct line of contact with employers is one of the best ways to do that in our current economy. Becky Arnold decided to go beyond just applying for a position and started talking to her contacts to see what else she could do to stand out. A friend of Becky’s who had been doing some networking of her own found out about and told her she should take a look.

After visiting the site and speaking with Climber’s Career Counselors, Becky signed up for the Premier service on April 5, 2010. While setting up her account, Arnold worked with the Client Services team as well as her Career Counselor, to make sure she was getting the best use out of her efforts. “The best thing about Climber is the team work,” Arnold stated, “everyone was very helpful and supportive.” Becky was proactive with contacting Recruiters as well as applying for positions she found relevant. Soon the Recruiters began responding and corresponding with her about open positions. About a week into her second month of Climber Premier, she was contacted by a Recruiter from HealthSouth Lakeshore Rehab Hospital. Having indicated on her profile that she was looking for a Director level position within Healthcare, Becky and the Recruiter began discussing open opportunities at the hospital. Once the discussion and the interview process had been completed Becky received an offer for a position and will begin work on June 28, 2010.

Prior to joining Climber, Becky had been job searching unsuccessfully for about four months. After just two months on Climber Premier, she had secured a new position and literally cut her job search time in half then when she was going it alone! By taking her job search a step further by networking with her contacts and with the Recruiters on Climber, she was able to stand out from the millions of other job seekers and get back to work. Becky expressed her gratitude to our team by saying, “As an experienced professional, TEAM WORK, is the foundation for any successful company.  Thank you to all who made my experience pleasant and a success.”

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Spotlight On Terrie Hill

Mar. × ’10

If you’ve ever witnessed or maybe even participated in a race you know that everyone always starts at the same place. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people are all clumped into one area and are waiting for the starting gun to go off so they can begin. As the race progresses, participants begin to stagger and spread out until there are the front runners and eventually the winner. For most events it is a race against time and the people who are faster than others will usually have a better shot at coming in first.

I find this image to be very similar to the way many people look for new positions. Everyone starts in the same place, unemployed or looking for a new job, and they are waiting for the new or right positions to be posted every day. They will wake early, check positions often and when a new one is posted, get their resume in as fast as possible in the hopes of being seen first or prior to the posting being taken down. Then more applicants will eventually filter out until one person is offered the job. Unfortunately for those who aren’t as quick to submit a resume or don’t have as much time to search, they are more likely to miss out on opportunities to even be considered for a position.

Terrie Hill was almost one of those job seekers who were left behind. Unemployed since July 2009, Terrie decided to give Climber Premier a try and signed up on February 12. After setting up her profile, she decided to be proactive and began searching through the positions posted in her account.  She came across a posting for a Medical Records Associate with Pharmerica and with her background being in Healthcare, she immediately applied for it. Unbeknownst to her at the time, Pharmerica only posted the position for less than 48 hours. “I wouldn’t have known about it, unless it had been for you [Climber],” states Terrie. “It was also in the Courier-Journal on Sunday February 14th, but the deadline was Monday. I was able to get my resume in on Saturday February 13th through you, and got a call Monday morning for an interview on Wednesday.”

Having been able to receive the job notification prior to the deadline through Climber, allowed Terrie enough time to submit a quality resume and even get a call for an interview before the submittal cut-off. Not only did she obtain an interview in a short amount of time on Climber Premier but she landed the job as well! Terrie expressed to us in an e-mail that, “I know having my resume with you helped me get my resume to PharMerica in the allotted time they had for the position. My start date was March 15th and the pay and position were what I was looking for, so thank you!”

By being on Climber Premier, Terrie was able to gain an edge on the millions of job seekers and apply to a posting that was made available to her before it was made available to the public. Prior to joining she had been another statistic having been unemployed for 8 months, right around the national average, and after being on Climber Premier for less than a week she received an interview that lead to employment.  Just like participants in the race she was able to get off to a good start with Climber, break away from the pack and in her case won the race.

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Spotlight On Howard Silverman

Mar. × ’10

A definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. For many job seekers, this is a familiar feeling when every morning they wake up, apply to hundreds of positions, never hear back from the employer, then do the same thing all over again the next day. This inefficient pattern can continue for up to eight months, which is the current national average for an individual to become employed, until they finally nail down a position. However, for Howard Silverman, this was a process that dragged on for four years.

Howard had a successful background working in the pharmaceutical industry, until he was unfortunately laid off in 2006. Though he held down part-time and contract work to pay the bills and keep a steady income, he was not finding success in his niche profession. “I would apply for hundreds of positions and worked with multiple staffing agencies but saw no positive results,” Silverman stated. “I even tried to change careers completely and go into real estate until that market imploded as well.” A few months of submitting resumes and unreturned inquiries quickly turned into a few years, until Howard got a phone call toward the end of January from a career counselor suggesting a different approach.

Like most of us who receive unfamiliar phone calls from companies, Howard’s initial reaction was to get off the phone as quickly as possible. “I had been disappointed in the past,” Silverman said, “and since there was a fee I was hesitant whether it would be worth it. It’s like aspiring actors who want to work, but don’t want to pay to get their headshots.” After expressing his frustrations with the job search process thus far, the career counselor began to describe the Climber Premier system and how it could alleviate the redundancy and daunting task of looking for a new position. In lieu of submitting a standard resume, a Climber Premier member builds a profile to describe the next position they are looking for and what they want to be considered for. Once the profile is built, the Climber software continuously markets the user to hundreds of thousands of hiring managers, targeted by the job seeker’s profile specifications.

Though user’s still have the ability to apply to posted positions with their resume, Silverman was intrigued by the fact that his information would constantly be put in front of the right people, during the times he would normally be unable to search. The clincher was that Climber Premier was also month to month so if it didn’t work, he didn’t have to keep paying for it and could shut it down. “I said I would give it one month only to determine whether this was going to work for me,” said Silverman. However, the entire month would not be needed. Two days after creating his profile, he was contacted by a hiring manager in the pharmaceutical industry, who found his profile on Climber and invited him in for an interview. A few days later he received the phone call from their corporate office with an official offer for a pharmaceutical sales position, the job that he had been trying to obtain for the past four years.

Even though the average job turn around time for a Climber Premier member is three months (half the national average), Howard is absolutely thrilled with the results and to be working steadily in his ideal industry. “I told the career counselor that it would be wonderful if I got a job, but I never really expected it, especially not this quickly!”

So if the endless cycle of posting your resume and applying for positions is driving you insane, instead of driving you results check out and supercharge your job search today!

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Welcome to Climber Spotlight

Mar. × ’10

Welcome to the Spotlight!

We are excited to share with you Recruiters and Candidates who have succeeded using  Recruiter Spotlights will focus on Recruiters who have hired candidates through the Climber Catalyst Platform.  Our Candidate Spotlights will focus on Candidates who were able to further their career goals with Climber Premier!

If you are a Recruiter or Candidate who is interested in being Spotlighted please let us know by emailing info {at} climber dot com.

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