Spotlight On Pat Gowins

May. × ’11

Pat Gowins is a senior level Sales Manager who had been job searching for a new position since the beginning of January. After four months without success, Pat turned to to assist him with his job search efforts. Once he was signed up as a Climber VIP, one of Climber’s Project Managers, Nick Jimenez, reached out to him to discuss the resume he had submitted for a free analysis. “Nick gave me a lot of great critiques and feedback, which I needed,” shared Gowins. “He really got me excited for the opportunities a new resume could bring me.”

After his discussion with Nick, Pat decided to move forward with allowing Climber to re-write and re-design his current resume. Nick worked with Pat as his personal Project Manager as well as his liaison to the professional writer who would draft the resume. “Working with Nick was great! He was very good and very responsive to my needs and concerns,” said Gowin. Since Pat was extremely proactive with wanting to complete the resume, he was able to get a final draft signed off on within a week of starting the process. However, a new resume wasn’t all Pat was going to receive that day.

The same day that Pat got his finalized resume, he got a call from a recruiter who informed him that there was a company he might be a fit for and he needed Pat’s resume. Pat provided the recruiter with the new Climber resume and within 2 hours, he got a call back from the company who said they were very impressed with his resume and wanted to bring him in for an interview. “The position was for a Senior Sales Manager and the pay is definitely attractive,” said Gowins. “I’m going in for the interview on Monday afternoon and am very optimistic about the opportunity. The entire Climber resume process was great and I can’t think of a thing that could be improved!”

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Spotlight On Ken Vallet-Sandre

May. × ’11

Though Ken Vallet-Sandre is gainfully employed, his job search stemmed from looking for a more challenging position where he could continue to move forward in his career. “I would constantly inquire to my superiors how I could become more of an asset to the company,” stated Vallet-Sandre. “They would always tell me to just keep doing the same thing and I was doing great. It just wasn’t enough for me and I decided I needed to start looking to move on.” After looking for over a month, Ken realized that due to his demanding travel schedule, he would not be able to be as aggressive as he wanted to with his job search. “I don’t have the time to be searching job boards for 2-3 hours a day,” he expressed, “I needed a more passive and targeted way to get my information in front of the right companies I wanted to work for.”

Ken decided he would start with a professional revision of his resume and took to Google to assist him in his search. “I found Climber on the search engine and discovered they had a professional resume service to offer,” said Vallet-Sandre. “When I called to get some more information, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of personalized service that was involved with re-writing my resume and cover letter.” The personalization was what really attracted Ken to Climber’s service and his decision to move forward. Once he was set up with his Project Manager, Ken was once again surprised by Climber. “My Project Manager, Nick, was great at being very straightforward with me. He wouldn’t sugar coat anything with me or on my resume. He understood my needs very easily and we only needed one editing session with the resume to complete it. The entire resume process was great!”

2 weeks after starting the process, Ken received his new resume and began working with the Climber Premier service which was included with his resume and cover letter. Since Ken had expressed he was looking for a more passive approach to his job search, he found Premier to be another great fit! “I really like that Climber is only sending my new resume to the right companies that are a fit for me,” said Vallet-Sandre. “Since I don’t have a lot of time to take off for interviews, I can’t waste my time or the companies figuring out if we are a match. With Climber Premier, I don’t have to worry about the wrong companies contacting me or having my new resume blasted out to everyone and anyone. The system is perfect for me!”

Now that Ken is set up on Premier and getting familiar with the system, he is already seeing great results with the new resume. “There are definitely companies that I want to pursue that have been expressing interest in me since I posted my new resume. It means a lot to me that I found a company that not only provides personalized service, but also makes sure that the needs of my personal job search are being met. I can say that I’m completely satisfied!”

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Spotlight On Tony Minich

Apr. × ’11

Tony Minich is an experienced IT Specialist who had been job searching since his last position had ended in July of 2010. After months on not seeing results, Tony spoke with a Career Counselor at Climber and signed up for the month to month service to increase his exposure in the job market. While Tony had been job search, he had also been submitting his resume for analysis to different academic outlets he’d worked with in the past to get some feedback. “I’d run my resume past many schools where I had contacts,” stated Minich, “and I knew it needed to be revised by a professional.”

Once Tony had gotten signed on to Climber Premier, he submitted his resume for analysis through Climber’s complimentary review service. After receiving the feedback from the resume analyst, Tony decided to purchase a professional re-design and build from Climber. “My finger had been on the trigger for awhile in regards to purchasing a resume,” said Minich, “since I was already getting support from Climber I decided to just go for it.” Tony was set-up with his Project Manager, Nick Jimenez, who was his guide throughout the resume process and liaison to the professional writer. Within two weeks, Tony had received his new resume and was ready to start using it to obtain new employment.

“It was a fine process getting my new resume and it went really well!” said Minich. Within a month of receiving his new resume, Tony was offered a position in his field of Systems Administration for Deployment Tech in his area. Not only did Tony secure employment but he also interviewed for his dream job as well in Base Operations that he is waiting to hear back from. “Though I am gainfully employed and satisfied, it’s nice to know I have options down the road and that the new resume is working.”

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Spotlight On Dennis Huffman

Mar. × ’11

Throughout his job search efforts, Dennis Huffman understood the importance of having a professional resume to be viewed as a competitive candidate. After having his resume professionally redone a few times with little result, Dennis decided to submit his resume to Climber for their free analysis,to give some insight on to what could be improved. Shortly after receiving his results from the resume analyst, Dennis got a phone call from one of Climber’s Senior Recruiters, Nick Jimenez, to discuss his review. “When Nick called we had a very pleasant conversation and he thoroughly explained the resume service process to me,” recalled Huffman. “The thing I appreciated the most was that he wasn’t trying to shove the service down my throat. Even when I told him I needed time to think about it, he didn’t bother me and only followed up on the day that we had scheduled.”

The professional and respectful service provided by Nick, helped Dennis decide to move forward with allowing Climber to re-write his resume. “I felt that the Climber staff were more knowledgeable than the services I’d used in the past,” said Huffman, “they really took the time to understand how to represent me on my resume, instead of just reformatting it and slapping together a new one.”

Time was also of the essence for Dennis to receive his new resume. Shortly after starting to work with Nick, he landed an important interview and needed a new version as soon as possible. “Though we ended up with a final draft of the resume that we spent more time on, Nick was able to get me an improved draft, which was superior to my original resume, to bring with me in time for the interview.” In total, it only took 3 meetings with Nick for Dennis to receive his finalized resume which he was satisfied with.

Now that his resume has been completed, Dennis is now looking forward to taking it out into the job market and seeing some results. “The big plus with the Climber resume service, is the fact that they will continue to work with me while I’m using the finalized resume,” stated Huffman. “Climber has been nothing but a great experience so far!”

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Spotlight on Frank Tantillo

Feb. × ’11

Though Frank Tantillo was a professional with a law degree, he was also a member of the United States Army. He was deployed overseas and returned in December 2010 with a new mission of finding employment in a slowly recovering economy. “Once I got back, I knew it was going to be tough to find work,” stated Tantillo, “so I began searching the internet for career sites that could help me.”

Frank came across during his search and decided to fill out the profile to get more information. “While I was still on the site, I got a phone call from one of the Career Counselors there who had seen my information,” Frank recalled. “I really liked how personal that was and that I wasn’t just another number in their system.”

Once Frank was set up on Climber Premier, he was contacted by Nick Jimenez, who offered to help him re-write his resume to better display his skills and experience. “I was really glad to be connected with Nick. I liked how experienced he was in the recruiting and HR industries, as well as the fact that he was very straight forward. We had a good rapport and he was able to easily understand what I was looking for and present my experience on my resume in a way I never could.”

After receiving his newly created resume, Frank directly applied to  a position with Hamilton Sunstrand, a subsidiary of United Technologies. “The interview process was lengthy with two in-person meetings and a phone interview to follow. However, at the end of the phone interview I was offered the Contract Specialist position and will begin at the beginning of March.”

Having only been back from deployment for two months, Frank was able to successfully land an ideal position in the aerospace industry with his Climber resume. “It only took two weeks to land the position after I received the finished resume,” said Tantillo, “and I have received nothing but positive feedback about my new resume. My experience with Climber was great and even more so, it was successful!”

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Spotlight on Danny Bowlin

Feb. × ’11

Danny Bowlin was a successful pharmacist, who held ethical standards and customer service in the highest regard, before he found himself out of work towards the end of 2010. Prior to coming to Climber, Danny had been job searching for about 4 months and was not seeing the results or attention he had hoped for.

A couple of weeks after signing up for Climber Premier and networking with recruiters, Bowlin was contacted by a Climber analyst who had reviewed his resume and had some suggestions that could help get him the attention he was looking for. He agreed with their suggestions and decided to purchase a full resume re-write, to assist him in looking for a new position.

“After receiving the new resume and using Climber Premier, I had landed a new position in about a month!” Explained a grateful and excited Bowlin. “I was contacted by a recruiter for CSI and they had a Clinical Pharmacist position open. After finishing the interview process, I was offered the position with CVS/Caremark.”

By allowing Climber to re-write his resume, while simultaneously being proactive with his search, Danny was able to cut his job search time by 75%, from 4 months to 1 month. “The resume was definitely very professional and opened eyes immediately. I owe your writer huge!”

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Spotlight On Greta Lewis

Dec. × ’10

“I have been a Registered Nurse for over 15 years and have never had difficulty securing employment until I became a Nurse Practitioner. The job market was quite different than it was in 1994. I was not prepared for the fierce competition. There were numerous positions that I was more than qualified for, but my resume submissions were being ignored. I was becoming extremely frustrated. I saw an advertisement for a site that offered to review my resume for free. Being skeptical of the word “free” through the internet, I disregarded the advertisement for weeks. Finally out of despair, I did some research and discovered that is a reputable company and the resume analysis was completely free.

I submitted my resume for review. My representative, Veronica, was a Godsend. Her enthusiasm to help me understand why my resume was often disregarded was just the beginning of a wonderful professional relationship. I was shocked to learn how poorly my resume was written. Veronica was direct and quite candid. She served as a liaison between me and the resume writers. Just as the advertisement stated, Veronica review everything from the presentation to how the resume did not reflect my skills or accomplishments for almost 20 years in the field of nursing at no charge. Imagine that, free actually was FREE.

I decided to have my resume revised by the professional resume writers at Even though there was a fee for my resume to be revised, it was worth every penny. I was in awe of the completed project. I submitted the revised resume at 9:00 a.m., and received a call to arrange an interview at 9:15 a.m. THE SAME DAY! Potential future employers no longer ignore me; my resume shows the best of who I am and what I can offer as a Nurse Practitioner. I want to thank Veronica and for giving me the upper hand in a competitive and often dismal job market.”

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Spotlight On Daniel Gielda

Dec. × ’10

In the current economy, the average job seeker is out of work an average of 6-8 months. Now think about if you were out of work twice that amount of time. Then imagine being out of work triple that amount of time and you would find yourself in Daniel Gielda’s situation. Daniel was a Director level in Sales and had been looking for work for 20 months prior to joining After being on Climber Premier for about a month, he was yielding good results but wanted to take his job search a step further. “One of Climber’s Recruiters, Veronica Flores, reached out to me in regards to my resume,” said Gielda, “It seemed like revising it was the next logical step to help me in my search. I almost went with the Sales Ladders for my resume but they just gave me feedback I found I could fix on my own. Climber’s resume service really made me see my qualifications from an outsider’s perspective that I never would have noticed.”

Once Daniel received his new resume, which only took about a week, he began sending it out to Recruiters and applying to positions he was finding through his Climber Premier account. One of the positions he found posted by a Climber Recruiter was for a Global Account Manager with PGI. “When I saw the position, I remembered I knew someone who worked for them. I networked with a contact there and sent them my new Climber resume directly,” recalls Gielda. After the HR contact at PGI saw Daniel’s resume, they had him do a phone interview followed by two face-to-face meetings. Daniel was only on Climber Premier for two months, versus the 20 months he spent searching on his own, before he secured the position with PGI. “I’m sure that the new revisions and formating of my resume were instrumental in getting the job,” shared Daniel. “Not only was the final product great, but the I enjoyed the process as well. Veronica was very constructive with her feedback and very supportive throughout my search. Thanks again for all your help!”

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Spotlight on Neal Green

Oct. × ’10

No matter how much effort you are putting into your job search and tailoring your resume, if your information isn’t getting to the right people then it’s more than likely not going to be seen for consideration. Neal Green had been job searching for a month on his own before joining Climber Premier. Once he had built his profile, Neal wanted to start reaching out to hiring managers directly and making sure his information was being seen. “The Recruiter Directory was the most valuable tool for me,” noted Green. Climber’s Recruiter Directory allows jobseekers to search for specific companies or industries that they want to work for, then gives them the ability to email the hiring manager directly to avoid the Applicant Tracking System aka Resume Black hole.

Neal is a Professional Educator who was looking to continue to use his talents in higher education. After searching through the Recruiter Directory, he was able to find multiple contacts at schools and universities that fit what he was looking for. “I wanted a very specific niche,” said Neal, “and I was able to find it through Climber’s recruiter access.” Almost immediately after sending out his resume, Neal was contacted by the Dean at not one but two colleges! “I was contacted by the Dean of Education to teach courses. Without the Recruiter Directory access, I never would have been able to contact the real decision makers.” Within the week, Green was hired by two colleges within the Laureate Education network of universities and has already begun teaching courses in Early Childhood Education.

Though Neal was successful in finding work quickly by using Climber and the resources at his disposal, he understands that keeping his information available to recruiters could benefit him in the long run. “For now, I am keeping my account open because I am still interested in part-time opportunities, but your site allowed me to land a job with two organizations.” By keeping his account open, Neal will continue to be marketed to recruiters, both on and off the Climber platform, as well as have full access to the site’s resources. Candidates who get recruited usually earn about 15% more than those who just apply to a position. “I have had a wonderful experience with and would recommend it without hesitation to anyone looking for a job.”

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Spotlight On Jeff Musgrave

Oct. × ’10

The beginning of 2010 unfortunately did not signify a fresh start for Jeff Musgrave. Like so many other Americans living through the recession, he found himself out of work in an industry he had over 35 years of experience in. “I’ve been involved in transportation and logistics for my entire career,” explained Musgrave, “and most of it has been up here in Northern California where I live.” After searching on his own for a new position until late May, Jeff turned to Climber to see if he could find new ways to lead him to securing a new position.

Once Jeff was a Climber Premier member, he not only networked with the recruiters who reached out to him, but also proactively began sourcing companies to send his resume to on the Recruiter Directory. “The site was so easy to use and had great resources to help me move forward with my job search,” stated Musgrave. “I used the Recruiter Directory to find warehouse and transportation companies in my area to send my resume to.” One of the companies that he applied to was VWR, that specializes in distribution of products in the science and biotech industry. “Once I submitted my resume for the Material Handler Specialist position, they responded within two weeks and began the interview process.”

After completing the initial interview, Jeff was offered his desired position and his new job is less than a 20 minute commute from his home. Once he goes through training and routine checks, he will begin his new job at the end of the month. Musgrave was able to find work with Climber in less than 4 months, which is half the national average of a jobseeker going it alone in the current economy. “I’m so grateful to Climber for not only getting me back to work, but also for their amazing service throughout the process!” exclaimed Jeff. “Anytime I had a question or needed help you guys were there for me and would help me on the spot when I called in. I would recommend Climber to anyone out there who is looking for work!”

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