Spotlight on Neal B.

Feb. × ’15

Resume Client Email to

Hello Dora,

The new resume and cover letter look fantastic.  My compliments to you and your resume team for dissecting my work history and experiences and so adeptly summarizing my skills and achievements.  I think I might even hire me after reading the new materials.  I have already been utilizing the new files for applications.

I had a few interviews in the last two weeks as the new files were sent to me, so I will keep you apprised to any developments regarding the new format and presentation of my skills and work experience.  You and Climber have been great to work with, and I can’t say enough about what you bring to the table for prospective job seekers.

All the best, now and in the future.


Thank you Neal!

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Spotlight on Gary Moseley

Jan. × ’14

At, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of incredible and hardworking jobseekers. Gary Moseley was one such professional, and we feel the experience he had in working with our resume team is best left in his eloquent words…

“What an eye-opening experience this has been for me!!  During my career updating and maintaining my resume has always been such a chore.  With the industry that I’m in I’ve had to update my resume numerous times so it has become something that I really dread.  I had used another service before I discovered only because I had not heard of yet.  This other service was less expensive and for the most part, they pretty much just copied and pasted my original resume into their frame and reformatted the document with their choice of fonts.  When I posted their version to the internet I was inundated with positions to sell products.

This whole process is new to me in that over the years I have always been able to pick up the phone and call someone and fairly easily find work.  When I first spoke with Toni Keller on the phone she was extremely pleasant, confident, professional and encouraging to me regarding what She and the rest of the Team could, and would, do for me.  In fact, one of the first and biggest differences between the experience and ‘those other guys’ is the ‘personal touch’ and the fact that I had control and would contribute to the final product.  There have been countless phone calls and emails between myself, Toni Keller and numerous others over the last few months to get my resume and cover letter completed to my satisfaction.

I have to laugh, because upon its completion, I had to read it more than once before it dawned on me that I was reading about myself.  My story is now being conveyed more clearly and concisely, while gaining attributes that cause my level of professionalism and talent to ‘jump’ and ‘pop’ off the page.  Early in the process when Toni used those words to describe what both versions of my original resumes were lacking, I didn’t get it.

Now I do.

Thank You!!”

From all of us at, thank you, Gary, for the kind words and for the opportunity to work with you in creating a resume that truly shows off who you are.

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Spotlight on Judy McLaren

Sep. × ’13

Whether it’s the innate sense that humility is a virtue or all the pieces of humble pie we were served as children, most of us think twice before “tooting our own horns.”  In today’s competitive job market, however – and especially on our resumes – a certain amount of fanfare is not only appropriate; it’s essential!

Showing off her many amazing accomplishments as a compassionate, experienced nurse was something Judy McLaren found particularly difficult.  After sending out 396 applications for employment with too few responses, she was feeling understandably disheartened – but not defeated!  Living by the adage, “You can’t keep a stubborn Irishman down,” Judy realized drastic changes needed to be made, so she submitted her resume for a free critique from and ultimately hired the Resume Team to re-write it with her.  The experience was truly inspiring, for both Judy and those of us at Climber who had the pleasure of speaking with her (and subsequently found it very easy to boast on her behalf).

“I’m not one to blow my own horn, but my project manager was able to drag it out of me…I can’t say enough about her.”  Judy pointed out the greatest, most helpful difference in the new resume was that it seamlessly brought in her achievements and work history from her earlier years, working in a hospital setting.

The moment she began sending out her new, revised resume, the calls came pouring in and she was given the consideration she deserved all along.  In no time, Judy landed the career opportunity of her dreams.

Judy might not ever brag about all the wonderful work she’s already doing for her new company…but we sure will!  From all of us at Climber, congratulations Judy!

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Spotlight on Janet Anderson

Sep. × ’12

Just as we all have our strengths, so too, do we have our weaknesses. It’s simply a fact of life.

It is also, unfortunately, a fact of interviewing, which seems to add yet another layer of terror to the already-intimidating experience of meeting with a potential employer.  So, how do we address our weaknesses? And what about any gaps or holes in our resumes?

More importantly, how do we shift the focus from what we lack to where we shine?

Janet Anderson, a dynamic individual with vast knowledge and experience in the nonprofit sector, faced these questions on a regular basis when applying for positions in the for-profit world. Her unique background was actually working against her in many cases, as her skillset wasn’t perfectly in line with the requisites of the positions for which she was applying.

After some time in the job market, Janet began working with Climber for a resume rewrite as well as interview coaching. After a rocky start with the resume, she had lost a bit of faith in the process but graciously gave us the chance to improve her impression of the company. Now, with the resume complete, Janet has noticed an increase in the number of responses to her applications, but she believes the interview coaching sessions with Nick Jimenez have proven to be the most helpful service.

Through his coaching, Nick was honest and direct, aiming to equip her with “practical and usable” tools.

“I felt he was completely on my side,” Janet explained, “and he gave me stuff I could use immediately…how to address not having a specific skill and handle areas of weakness or shortcoming without panicking.”

In a phone interview following the interview prep work, she made sure she used the sheet of tips and tools Nick had given her, and as the interview progressed, the recruiter grew increasingly excited about Janet as a prospective candidate. Janet succeeded in shifting the “focus on what (she) had to offer them and how (her) skills were transferable.”

With the future looking bright, we at Climber are confident that Janet will shine in each and every interview she conducts.

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Spotlight On Annabeth Propst

Mar. × ’12

There are many different obstacles that job seekers have to face when trying to obtain a new position. Some challenges are more common than others such as a weak resume or lack of networking contacts. Other road blocks are more unique to a candidate’s background or situation. Annabeth was struggling with her own specific challenge of how to overcome a 10 year gap in her work history for the position she was targeting. “I was having a difficult time figuring out how to close the gap from the last time I worked within the Engineering industry,” stated Propst, “it just wasn’t coming across properly on the resume.”

Throughout her three month search, Annabeth had been contacted by numerous companies encouraging her to have her resume done professionally. “The problem I had with everyone who wanted to write my resume was that I would get an email every week about a new resume special. I felt like I was just one of a million people who were getting the same message and they were just trying to make a sale,” said Annabeth. Then in December a Climber representative contacted Annabeth personally to discuss her resume needs. “The thing I really liked about Climber and made me decide to go with them over everyone else, is the fact that they called! The timing definitely played a part but the phone call made me think,’These guys are different.'”

Over the next few weeks, Annabeth worked with her Project Manager and former Recruiter, Dora Brazell, who mentored her throughout the process of completing her resume. “It was really nice working with Dora and though the process was definitely in-depth, I feel it was a good investment,” shared Propst, “It also helped me to finally overcome the 10 year gap on my resume!”

Once the resume was completed, the response was immediate. Within the first month after receiving the new resume and cover letter, Annabeth was offered the position she had been looking for while in the midst of fielding more interviews. “The resume definitely helped me to get the position I wanted. I knew if I could get the interview then I could get the job.” She landed her ideal position as a Quality Engineer at a firm she feels she can help make an impact with and contribute to long term. “I have already begun recommending Climber’s professional resume service to others who I know are looking for work,” said Annabeth,”and if I ever find myself unemployed I will definitely consider having Climber help me again!”

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Spotlight On Barry Stempel

Feb. × ’12

Resume Client Email to

I want to personally thank you for recommending Dora to work with me on my resume and cover letter. My Project Manager, Dora, was extremely polite, helpful, thoughtful, upbeat, professional and personable! Dora responds quickly and timely to my emails, phone calls and questions. She delivered my resume and cover letter ahead of schedule! It does not looked rushed and is way better than my previous ones.Best of all my technical data was not lost in translation. Again thank you for your assistance!

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Spotlight On Gary Jones

Feb. × ’12

Resume Client Email To

Gary J. here. Not sure if you remember the name as I wrote to you last May about the resume services and handling received from my Project Manger, Veronica. Anyway, I came back to CLIMBER for another resume re-write as a result of my experience with Veronica.

When I contacted her a month ago, I was happy to hear that she was promoted and at the same time sad that I would not be working with her. Not to fail, she assured me that I would be taken care of in the same way I had been the first time. Unfortunately, she was wrong. She placed me into the hands of Dora who spoiled me even more than Veronica!

Both of these ladies are on point professionals in what they do. Dora listened, laughed, guided and made me comfortable to the point that I’m sad we won’t be talking on a frequent basis. I could go on at length, but the bottom line is that you have done an outstanding job in getting the right people and personalities into your business mix.

Their personalities made and continue to make a difference in my service selection. It is unfair to single one woman over the other, all I can say is that both of these ladies are excellent in what they do and I will be disappointed if Dora is not at the other end of the phone in my next resume “go around”.

Thank you,

Gary J.

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Spotlight on Carlo Begian

Dec. × ’11

Carlo Begian wasn’t a first time user to He has used Climber Premier for his job search in 2010 and decided to re-explore the site again this year, when he found himself looking for a new position. “I had been looking for work for 3 months without any results,” stated Carlo, “so I decided to try Climber again.” Since Carlo was using other resources for his job search, he decided to sign-up for Climber’s “Get Recruited” program, to market his information, at a discounted rate, to companies looking to hire.

About 3 weeks into his “Get Recruited” membership, Begian was contacted by a recruiter at Farmer’s Insurance who had found his information on Climber. It was a management position in one of their Los Angeles offices, which is close to Begian’s home. “I went into the interview on Friday and they called me on Monday to offer me the position,” shared Carlo. Climber members usually see their job search time cut in half while on the platform, so Carlo’s experience was definitely above the average by shortening his search time by 75%! “I am very happy with the position and my second experience on Climber!”

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Spotlight On Julie Zweber

Aug. × ’11

When beginning the search for a new position, most job seekers tend to attempt the search on their own before seeking professional support. However, Julie Zweber decided to get a team behind her job search before she even got started. “I consulted Climber before actually looking for a job,” stated Julie. She didn’t just sign up for Climber’s Premier service, but also enlisted the help of their resume team to re-design and build her professional documents. Zweber described Climber’s resume service as, “quick and easy,” allowing her to gain an efficient start to her job search. As Julie began to use her new resume and cover letter on Climber, she began to feel more self assured in her chances when the positive responses began to come in. “Not only did it present a more professional impression, it made me feel more confident, which I’m sure translated into a better interview,” said Julie.

After just a few weeks of looking for a new position and interviewing, Julie got a response from a position she had applied to through Climber that ended her job search for good. She had only been networking and applying for 5 weeks when she was offered a senior level position in her field of insurance sales. Not only has Julie informed Climber that she is thrilled with the new position and salary, but feels her resume “absolutely” contributed to helping her secure a new position.

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Spotlight On Ronald Langston

Jul. × ’11

After a year and a half of trying to secure a new position while attempting to maintain a struggling business, Ronald Langston knew it was time to get some help. “I would send out 50-55 resumes when I was actively searching and get no response,” stated Langston. “It was really frustrating because you would think job searching was about people, yet a person never responded to me when I would inquire about positions.” Since Climber is about connecting candidates with real people who are looking to hire for senior level positions, Langston decided it would be a good fit for his job search as well as redesigning and building his resume.

The personal aspect of Climber continued when Ronald was set up with his Project Manager, Nick Jimenez, to work on his resume. “Nick was very patient with me and understood my frustrations with the job search process thus far,” explained Langston. “The great thing about Nick was he wanted me to be happy with the final product which made me not mind doing the work.” The efforts of Climber and Ronald paid off because within two weeks, the final resume was complete and Ronald is eager to start using it to get back to work. “The writer did a great job!” exclaimed Langston. “This process forced me to see the bigger picture of my experience which is now featured on my new resume. I have absolutely no complaints!”

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